Friday, October 9, 2009


The Lalgarh episode has once again brought to the fore the nexus among the Trinamool Congress, the pseudo intellectuals, some politically motivated media, mysterious NGOs, so-called humans rights’ organizations and the Maoists.

The PSBJC Convener Chatradhar Mahato, a contractor by profession, is the brother of this Maoist Bikash. In an interview to NDTV on 22nd June, Chatradhar Mahato stated that he has been an activist of the Trinamool Congress and actively campaigned for it during the Panchayat elections in 2008. He also admitted that his brother is a Maoist. Mamata Banerjee herself has provided active support to the Lalgarh blockade throughout and even addressed a rally of the PSBJC in Lalgarh on 4th February 2009, sharing the dais with Chatradhar Mahato. As the security forces’ operation in Lalgarh began, the double standards of Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee got badly exposed:

17TH JUNE 2009

Partha Chatterjee, Trinamool MLA and leader of Opposition in WB Assembly: “If the Maoists are unleashing terror, then why is the CPI (M) not asking the government to ban the organization? The ‘Maoist drama’ has the support of the chief minister.” (Asian Age)

18TH JUNE 2009

Maoist leader Kishenji: “People will block the roads, the armed forces that come will be taught a lesson, the central govt., the Buddhadeb govt. will be taught a lesson…We are asking Mamata too, she was with us in Nandigram…now we want to know what stand she will take. She is now in the cabinet, the sole member from her party… The tribals here are sitting in protest against the Paramilitary forces, ready to fight them. Which side will Mamata support is what we want to know.” (NDTV)

20th June 2009

Mamata Banerjee: “If statements by Biman Bose and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee linking our party with Maoists are not withdrawn within 48 hours, we will agitate to demand sacking of the government by the Centre. We don't believe in individual killings and don't have link with Maoists. We have been demanding ban on Maoists in the state…He himself (Buddhadeb Bhattacharya) had said once that he is fond of Maoist books and literature and has them at his residence.” (Outlook)

Kishenji: “She is playing a political game. Even though she is a member of the Central Cabinet, she has not said a single word against sending Central forces to Lalgarh. Now, to gain sympathy in West Bengal, she is saying that the police and the CPI (M) unleashed a reign of terror in Jangalmahal. This is clearly a case of double standards on her part. The mask has fallen from her face…After the Lalgarh movement started, Mamata Banerjee visited Lalgarh. The locals allowed her to visit this place. But now she will not be able to come to Lalgarh or any parts of Jangalmahal. We have also decided that we will prevent her from entering Nandigram and Singur, where we were part of the movement.” (Asian Age)

22ND JUNE 2009

Kishenji: “Mamata’s real interest is to grab power in West Bengal. Had she been sincere, she would have stepped down from the Union cabinet because the Centre has joined hands with the state government to unleash a reign of terror in Lalgarh” (India Today)

29TH JUNE 2009

Mamata Banerjee: “I am once again urging the central government not to provide support to the CPIM at Lalgarh and use central forces to unearth illegal arms stocked by the party…I urge the Centre to immediately convene an emergency meeting to be attended by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister P Chidambaram to review what actually is happening at Lalgarh in the name of flushing out Maoists.” (Hindustan Times)

1ST JULY, 2009

Mamata Banerjee: “What is going on at Lalgarh is a total drama. There are no Maoist activists in the region. If there had been any ultra Left activists, they have by now already fled the area and the Left Front government has allowed them to flee. Now in the name of running joint operations against the Maoists, the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government is just trying to regain its political base…” (Economic Times)


Despite the fact that not even one person has been injured or killed by the security forces since the beginning of the joint operations in June 2009, Maoist sympathizers have launched a high pitched campaign against “state repression” and “atrocities” in order to mislead people on the ground situation in Lalgarh. The fact is that more than 75 CPI (M) activists and supporters have been assassinated by the Maoists since the launch of the operations. Efforts by the Maoist sympathizers and the Trinamool Congress to stall the operations of the security forces are nothing but an attempt to perpetuate the reign of terror by the Maoists.

Some ‘pseudo’ intellectuals, some politically motivated media and some so-called Humans Right’s Organizations of West Bengal have again appeared on the streets to criticize the arrest of dreaded Maoist terrorist Chatradhar Mahato by police in Lalgarh on 26-09-2009. Besides, they have also demanded his immediate release. These “so-called” intellectuals habituated to sing, dance and perform tricks and feats of jugglery to the tune of imperialists, big corporate houses and Mamata Banerjee have been trying to project the terrorist and extortionist responsible for gruesome butchering of hundreds of innocent people in a couple of months in West Bengal as a “tribal hero”. During this mayhem the “so-called” intellectuals on the pay roll of imperialists maintained a studied silence and did not spend a single word to condemn the inhuman activities of the terrorists who are having direct links with other terrorist outfits of north-east and across the border enemy nations aiming at to subvert our country.

As a matter of fact, some of these ‘pseudo’ intellectuals represented by some dramatists, singers, actors, actresses, writers and poets have already been able to manage Life Long Free AC Railway Passes and berths on different Committees of the Indian Railways especially set up at the cost of the nation to accommodate them only and especially for their unequivocal support to the rainbow alliance of Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI during last Parliamentary Elections. Now, they have been standing in queue at the door of Mamata Banerjee waiting for tickets to State Assembly Elections in 2011, Padma Shree, Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan and other national awards.

People must, therefore, remain cautious and alert about these purchased stooges and agents of imperialists who can take recourse to any anti-national activity and stoop to any level to in the interest of their vested interests. Some so-called intellectuals have also supported with money and arms to subvert democracy.

The unholy nexus among the Trinamool Congress, the pseudo intellectuals and the Maoists need to be exposed thoroughly.

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