Friday, October 9, 2009


In between 1952 and 1977 the then Congress led governments in West Bengal were able to implement successfully many important and prestigious projects. A few examples of the same are cited below.

(1) Durgapur Steel Plant
(2) Alloy Steel Plant
(3) Salt Lake City
(4) Kalyani Township
(5) Metro Rail
(6) Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
(7) Durgapur Township
(8) Damodar Valley Corporation

In fact, these projects required thousands and thousands acres of both agricultural and non agricultural lands. There is no denying the fact that during this long period the Leftists were in the opposition. But they never objected nor caused any sort of inconvenience to their implementation considering the larger interests of the state and its people. On the other hand, they always extended their cooperation and assistance in the matter of successful implementation of the projects.

But Mamata Banerjee along with Maoist terrorists has caused an irreparable damage to the industrial and developmental prospects of the state in order to gain petty political mileage. Some of the projects abandoned or affected adversely as a result of her destructive agitations are furnished as hereunder.

1 Chemical Hub at Nandigram
2 Chemical Hub at Naya Char
3 Setting up Rajarhat Township
4 Tata’s Nano Factory at Singur
5 Expansion of National Highways
6 Construction of Hospitals
7 Setting up I.T. Parks
8 Construction of Bridges
9 Construction of Aerodromes,
10 Establishment of Industries
11 Construction of Thermal Power Plants
12 Construction and expansion of National Highways

This lady has undoubtedly caused irreparable colossal damage to the state and its coming generations. Still now she dreams of becoming the next Chief Minister of West Bengal. It is most unfortunate that the topmost Maoist leader Koteswar Rao@Kishenji also desires and dreams the same.

It is not understood how long the people of this state will go on tolerating her and her subversive activities.

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