Friday, October 9, 2009


The Maoist criminals now trusted associates of the Union Railway Minister had given a call for Bharat Bandh on 3rd October, 2009 in support of their demand for the release of Kobad Gandhi, Chatradhar Mahato and Chandrabhusan Yadav, all Maoist butchers. They also resorted to all kinds of subversive activities including killing of innocent people throughout the country for the same.

After failing to achieve their demand they beheaded barbarically one abducted Police Officer Francis Induver in Jharkhand on 06-10-2009.

The whole world witnessed once again with horror and dismay the brutalities of the Maoists which have even surpassed those of the Talibans of Afghanistan.

More horrible is that the self-styled “Human Rights’ Organizations” and the pseudo intellectuals of West Bengal have not used even a single word to denounce the ghastly incidents of butchering unarmed helpless women and children by Maoists in different parts of the country. Walking one step forward, Sujat Bhadra, the so-called human rights’ activist in Kolkata in a press meet said that the Lalgarh movement has nothing to do with the Maoists. Besides, it is a peoples’ movement and Chatradhar Mahato is not a Maoist leader.

This hypocrite has forgotten the fact that the Maoist leaders Kishenji and Bikash themselves have again and again declared that the Lalgarh movement is led by them and the organization of Chatradhar Mahato is their frontal mass reorganization. The video footage of their interviews and press meet to this effect has repeatedly been aired by various electronic media on different dates on the national and state level.

The “Unlawful Activities Prevention Act” says clearly that any type of advocacy, assistance or propaganda in favour of a banned organization is punishable. It is not understood why this man Sujat Bhadra and his organization APDR is still allowed to go scot free even after his taking recourse to subversive anti-national statements and anti-national activities. He should, therefore, be put behind bars immediately for interrogation and further necessary action terms of the provisions of UAPA.

We demand again that both the Central Government and the state governments should cause immediately a thorough investigation into the source of funds and modus operandi of these so called human rights organizations in national interest.

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