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TIMES OF INDIA: 08-01-2010
Suchandana Gupta/TNN

Bhopal: Tribals angry with activists fighting for human rights of Naxalites, while ignoring poor adivasis – threw rotten eggs and tomatoes at Magsaysay award winner Medha Patkar and Sandeep Pandey as they reached Dantewada town in Chattisgarh on Wednesday.

While Patkar, being a woman, did not face much humiliation, her companion Pandey was pulled down from a motorcycle and given a hiding. He was pushed around and asked why activists had done nothing for the tribals, but found cause to support Maoists.

Patkar, who leads the Narmada Bachao Andolan, and Pandey, who founded Asha for education, were on their way to participate in a jan sunwai (people’s court) in the Naxalite-hit areas on Thursday.

Patkar and Pandey were on a bike when the tribals carrying banners of “Maa Danteswari Adivasi Swabhiman Manch” surrounded them asking them to go back.

Shouting slogans like “Wapas jao, wapas jao (Go back), the tribals said NGOs “support Maoists under the pretext of human rights”.

Police resorted to lathicharge to rescue Patkar and Pandey. Dantewada SP Ambreesh Mishra, however, said the two should have been more careful…………..

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The following letter has been sent to the Hon’ble Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi by E-mail


The Chairperson
National Human Rights Commission
New Delhi


Most respected Sir,

As an ordinary humble citizen of the country, I would like to invite your immediate attention to the following fact.

The National Human Rights Commission was very much active during the episodes of Nandigram, Singur and Rizwanur Rahaman. But it is unfortunately maintaining complete silence over gruesome murders committed by the Maoists in West Bengal.

In this connection, it would not be out of place to mention that Arundhati Roy, Mahasweta Devi, Medha Patkar, actress Aparna Sen and other intellectuals and human right activists sharing same opinion and boat are very much apprehensive and worried for the safety and security of the Maoists in India, who have been carrying on their nefarious and criminal inhuman brutalities on the common people ranging from amassing huge wealth, destruction of natural resources, plunder, rape, murder, extortion, blowing up schools, health centres, railway tracks, torture and Kangaroo trial using the indigenous people as pawns and human shields. Out of her utter sympathy and compassion for the Maoist butchers, social activist Arundhati Roy has initiated a mass petition on 12th October 2009 to the Prime Minister of India urging him to stop offensive against them and their brutalities. She has obtained the signatures of respected Noam Chomsky and other renowned dignitaries within the country and abroad to make the petition more acceptable, significant and weighty in order to glorify and justify the Maoist cruelties and violence particularly on the indigenous people. If Arundhati Roy and other signatories were really interested for the well being of the indigenous people, they would have also petitioned openly to the perverted Maoist butchers in the same manner, style and spirit urging them to desist from wreaking havoc on the indigenous people by using them as pawn and shield for suiting the tainted Maoist political agenda. But it is not so. The one and only one aim and objective of the petition is to create sympathy for the Maoists and justify, glorify and legitimize their mindless brutalities.

The society demands timely disposal of the dead body of even a creature. But the entire world witnessed with horror how the dead bodies of 4 poor tribal CPI (M) cadres butchered by Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI Alliance were kept in open for 5 days without allowing disposal by the Maoist-TMC criminals at Lalgarh in West Bengal. Their relatives were neither allowed to come near nor touch the bodies. The Maoists and TMC workers danced and sang around the bodies in the same manner as is practiced by cannibals. Their brutality and inhumanity surpassed all limits of human tolerance and society.

These Indian intellectuals and human right activists had played an important role during Nandigram and Singur episodes to extend moral and logical support to the rainbow alliance of TMC, Congress, Maoists and SUCI under Mamata Banerjee. They had unleashed widespread virulent, venomous, exaggerated and politically motivated campaign throughout the world and organised processions, rallies, meetings, and mass signatures and so on against the mainstream Leftists over the unfortunate death of 14 persons in Nandigram resulting from provoked police firing where as they maintain complete silence over regular murders committed by the Maoists. Many of them had directly or indirectly worked actively for the victory of Maoist and Mamata Banerjee supported Congress-TMC-SUCI candidates in West Bengal in the last Parliamentary elections held in May 2009 making the Nandigram, Singur and Rizwanur Rahaman episodes as important election issues.

Despite this, these Indian intellectuals all along shamelessly pretend to be impartial, neutral and non-political.

More than 87% landowners had consented to offer their land for the establishment of an automobile factory at Singur. But it was abandoned due to the political agitation of Mamata Banerjee and her team consisting of opposition political parties, Maoists, some intellectuals, few human right activists and a section of motivated media. Singur had nothing to do with SEZ.

Similarly, in spite of repeated assurances by the Chief Minister of West Bengal that no chemical hub would be set up at Nandigram, Mamata Banerjee and her team had caused the unfortunate incident on 14th March 2007 by way of utter provocation and manipulation resulting in 14 unfortunate deaths.

Had these intellectuals been impartial, unprejudiced and unbiased the incidents of neither Singur nor Nandigram would have taken place.

The Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI butchers under the leadership of the Union Railway Minister have murdered brutally hundreds of CPI (M) and other Leftist leaders, cadres and supporters in West Bengal. They have blown up school buildings, health centres, mobile towers, railway lines, railways stations and what not. But these intellectuals and human right activists are maintaining complete silence. They think that only the Maoists are human beings. Except the Maoists, none in the country can have any human rights and the murder of hundreds of people by Maoists is, therefore, justified and a need for the society. So, they have not yet uttered even a single word to condemn the crimes of the Maoists.

Every murder is unfortunate and condemnable. Had this group of intellectuals and human right activists played an impartial role and stopped lending moral and logical support to the Maoist butchers, the unfortunate deaths at Nandigram and other parts of the country could have been avoided easily. But the fact was that Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance needed some dead bodies for winning the parliamentary elections in West Bengal riding over sympathy wave and the intellectuals and human rights activists presented the same in time to suit her political agenda.

The National Human Rights Commission had taken Nandigram, Singur and Rizwanur Rahaman episodes very seriously and sent fact-finding teams to West Bengal. This action on the part of NHRC received wide coverage in the media at that time. But today it is also completely silent over the murders committed by the Maoists in West Bengal and other parts of the country. As a result, this has raised many a questions in the minds of the people.


No. Name of the victim, Address of the victim, Date of murder

1 Ramjan Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 23-01-01
2 Tapan Ghosh, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 08-04-01
3 Shibaram Satpathi, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-04-01
4 Sudhir Singh Sardar, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 28-11-01
5 Anil Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 04-02-02
6 Rampada Majhi, Ranibandh, Bankura, 11-02-02
7 Puntibala Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
8 Icchhamati Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
9 Priyanka Mahato (4yrs), Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
10 Ajit Ghosh, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 09-07-02
11 Golap Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 24-04-03
12 Baridbaran Mondal, Banspahari, Medinipur (W) 21-10-03
13 Asit Santra, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 02-03-04
14 Mahendra Mahato, Bandowan, Purulia, 09-07-05
15 Raghunath Murmu, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
16 Bablu Mudi, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
17 Rabindranath Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
18 Anandamayi Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
19 Kartik Singh, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 04-03-06
20 Gatilal Tudu, Barikul, Bankura, 04-03-06
21 Gumai Murmu, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
22 Jaladhar Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
23 Rabi Das, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 14-06-06
24 Snehashis Das, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 26-05-06
25 Uttam Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
26 Swapan Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
27 Anil Mahato, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-06
28 Dinesh Baske, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-09
29 Pailaram Tudu, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 09-01-07
30 Rampada Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
31 Parikshit Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
32 Manik Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 27-05-07
33 Rohit Roy, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 10-07-07
34 Bhagirath Karmakar, Barabazar, Purulia, 01-11-07
35 Sufal Mandi, Purulia, Purulia, 20-11-07
36 Govind Singh, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 06-12-07
37 Sisir Chatterjee, Mangalkote, Burdwan, 01-01-08
38 Pahalan Kumar, Balarampur, Purulia, 01-01-08
39 Ramprasad Mondal, Chapra, Nadia, 02-01-08
40 Mangal Mahato, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 15-02-08
41 Karam Chand Singh, Belpahari, 22-02-08
42 Subhash Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 29-02-08
43 Budhadeb Pathak, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 09-03-08
44 Mukul Tiwari, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
45 Jugol Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
46 Nabakumar Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
47 Kshetrapal Majhi, Arsha, Purulia, 19-04-08
48 Sridam Das, Khoirashole, Birbhum, 22-04-08
49 Ganapati Bhadra, Bandowan, Purulia, 04-05-08
50 Debraj Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 05-05-08
51 Biswanath Mandi, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 15-06-08
52 Niranjan Mondal, Nandigram, Medinipur (E), 06-08-08
53 Dulal Garu Das, Garupara, Medinipur (E), 07-08-08
54 Firoj Mondal, Chakdah, Nadia, 01-09-08
55 Satyanarayan Ganguli, Dubrajpur, Birbhum, 05-09-08
56 Sunil Halsana, Chakdah, Nadia, 16-09-08
57 Mansoor Alam, Goalpokhar, Dinajpur (N), 17-09-08
58 Nandalal Mistri, Rajnagar, Birbhum, 22-09-08
59 Amar Ghugu, Patrasayar, Bankura, 04-10-08
60 Prodyut Maiti (Naru), Khejuri, Midnapur (E), 10-10-08
61 Mahidul Seikh, Harirampur, Dinajpur (S), 14-10-08
62 Alauddin Molla, Haroa, 24, Parganas (N), 20-10-08
63 Kutub Mondal, Galsi, Burdwan, 21-10-08
64 Satyajit Mondal, Karanjora, Bankura, 22-10-08
65 Debi Prasad Singh, Ausgram, Burdwan, 24-10-08
66 Shankar Rauth, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 27-10-08
67 Indrajit Muda, Banspahari, Midnapur (W), 31-10-08
68 Seikh Sanai, Khoirashole, Birbhum, 04-11-08
69 Mrinal Sarkar, Nakasipara, Nadia, 05-11-08
70 Namita Sarkar, Nakasipara, Nadia, 05-11-08
71 Mazid Seikh, Baharampur, Murshidabad, 12-11-08
72 Panu Bouri, Patrasayar, Bankura, 14-11-08
73 Sheetkantha Mondal, Kandi, Murshidabad, 21-11-08
74 Mostaque Ahmad, Bolepur, Birbhum, 21-11-08
75 Qurban Seikh, Mayureswar, Birbhum, 11-12-08
76 Gaja Mohammad, Islampur, Dinajpur (N), 13-12-08
77 Uttam Roy, Jangipara, Hooghly, 16-12-08
78 Arshad Ali, Dalkhola, Dinajpur (N), 23-12-08
79 Dilip Manna, Purshura, Hooghly, 23-12-08
80 Dasrathi Ghosh, Bhatar, Burdwan, 12-01-09
81 Shamsur Alam Mallick, Indas, Bankura, 16-01-09
82 Motibur Rahaman, Kushmundi, Dinajpur (S), 26-01-09
83 Sujit Dasgupta, Dumdum, 24, Parganas (N), 27-01-09
84 Sambhu Dasgupta, Dumdum, 24, Parganas (N), 27-01-09
85 Nandalal Pal, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 01-02-09
86 Haradhan Majhi, Balarampur, Purulia, 03-02-09
87 Biswanath Digar, Ranibandh, Bankura, 08-02-09
88 Sujit Ponda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-02-09
89 Nurul Islam Dewan, Raina, Burdwan, 22-02-09
90 Jharna Mandi, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, 26-02-09
91 Sumana Mandi, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, 26-02-09
92 Tapas Mondal, Naihati, 24, Parganas (N), 03-03-09
93 Saiyad Ali Bhuiyan, Jaipur, Bankura, 11-03-09
94 Subol Kajli, Khejuri, Midnapur (E), 14-03-09
95 Subodh Barik, Mugberia, Midnapur (E), 15-03-09
96 Ansar Ali, Gangarampur, Dinajpur (S), 17-03-09
97 Himadri Patra, Boga, Midnapur (E), 17-03-09
98 Gopal Mondal, Beharampur, Murshidabad, 18-03-09
99 Soharab Ali Dewan, Raina, Burdwan, 18-03-09
100 Durga Deshwal, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
101 Santosh Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
102 Bijay Shaw, Titagarh, 24, Parganas (N), 18-03-09
103 Kanai Kumar, Arsha, Purulia, 28-03-09
104 Ganesh Das, Bhagwanpur, Midnapur (E), 28-03-09
105 Ashim Mondal, Bahulabheda, Midnapur (W), 10-04-09
106 Hambir Mandi, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
107 Shakti Sen, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
108 Gopinath Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 22-04-09
109 Baikunth Mahato, Supurdihgram, Purulia, 23-04-09
110 Bibhuti Singh Sardar, SD Gram, Purulia , 23-04-09
111 Bhaben Dig, Haripal, Hooghly, 27-04-09
112 Manowar Hossain Jamadar, Amta, Howrah, 07-05-09
113 Kashinath Mondal, Jangipur, Murshidabad, 07-05-09
114 Chandu Dolui, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
115 Seikh Saidul, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
116 Seikh Babua, Bagnan, Howrah, 08-05-09
117 Seikh Aksar, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 09-05-09
118 Abdullah Khan, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 09-05-09
119 Mahiuddin Khan, Tamluk, Midnapur (E), 10-05-09
120 Joynal Molla, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 13-05-09
121 Manu Singh, Bandowan, Purulia, 15-05-09
122 Momtaj Seikh, Raninagar, Murshidabad, 16-05-09
123 Arvind Mondal, Chari Antapur, Maldah, 17-05-09
124 Bibek Barman, Goksadanga, Coochbihar, 19-05-09
125 Kartik Mohaladar, Ratua, Maldah, 22-05-09
126 Dinesh Mahato, Balarmpur, Purulia, 23-05-09
127 Manoranjan Naskar, Bishnpur, 24, Pgs. (S), 23-05-09
128 Santosh Barman, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 25-05-09
129 Bhondulal Munda, Jhalda, Purulia,, 25-05-09
130 Apurba Ghosh, Krishnanagar, Nadia, 28-05-09
131 Nuruddin Seikh, Rampurhat, Birbhum, 31-05-09
132 Sayantika Rakhit, BN Nagar, Midnapur (E), 01-06-09
133 Khalek Molla, Haroa, 24, Parganas (N), 02-06-09
134 Dinesh Deb Singh, GR Pur, Dinajpur (S), 06-06-09
135 Govind Samanta, Panshkura, Midnapur (E), 06-06-09
136 Mamoni Kishku, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 06-06-09
137 Kinkar Dolui, Panchla, Howrah, 08-06-09
138 Salku Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 11-06-09
139 Sitabur Seikh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 11-06-09
140 Ikramul Haque, Beharampur, Murshidabad, 12-06-09
141 Shankar Tudu, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
142 Asit Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
143 Naru Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
144 Prabir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
145 Keshab Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
146 Dhiraj Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
147 Sanjay Mahato, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
148 Pabitra Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (E), 14-06-09
149 Debabrata Soren, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
150 Mohan Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
151 Tuntuni Jana, Amedabad, Midnapur (E), 14-06-09
152 Falguni Mukherjee, Mangalkote, Burdwan, 15-06-09
153 Sunil Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
154 Tapan Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
155 Sanjay Pratihar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
156 Niladri Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
157 Anil Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
158 Abhijit Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
159 Badal Chandra Ahir, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
160 Sisir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
161 Dubraj Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
162 Dasarath Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
163 Chaitnya Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
164 Keshav Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (W), 19-06-09
165 Siraj Khan, Itaru, Galsi, Burdwan, 21-06-09
166 Ajay Rauth, Haldia, Midnapur (E), 21-06-09
167 Budheswar Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
168 Pranesh Ghosh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
169 Naba Kumar Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
170 Kishore Tiwari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
171 Jugol Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
172 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
173 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
174 Pinki Khatun (8 yrs), Domkol, Murshidabad, 09-07-09
175 Barendranath Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W 10-07-09
176 Gurucharan Mahato, Lalgarh, West Dinajpur, 11-07-09
177 Abijit Mondal (11 years), Uluberia, Howrah, 13-07-09
178 Swapan Deb Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
179 Tarani Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
180 Gangadhar Mahato, Barabazar, Purulia, 15-07-09
181 Jaladhar Mahato, Jhargam, Purulia, 18-07-09
182 Ashok Ghosh, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-07-09
183 Fagu Baske, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 22-07-09
184 Arghya Samanta, Raina, Burdwan, 27-07-09
185 Ananda Das, Rajganj, Jalpaiguri, 28-07-09
186 Sagar Masant, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 30-07-09
187 Ashok Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
188 Brahmodeo Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
189 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
190 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
191 Nirmal Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 02-08-09
192 Gurucharan Tudu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 03-08-09
193 Shankar D. Adhikari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
194 Gunadhar Singh, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
195 Shaktipada Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
196 Ashim Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
197 Budhu Hansda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
198 Ramkrishna Duley, Sarenga, Bankura, 15-08-09
199 Madar Ali Molla, Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 17-08-09
200 Samrendranath Konai, Madgram, Birbhum, 18-08-09
201 Anirul Islam, Rajarhat, 24, Parganas (N), 23-08-09
202 Mangal Soren, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 29-08-09
203 Laxmikanta Kumar, Sindurpur, Purulia, 29-08-09
204 Madan Mondal, Garulia, North 24, Parganas, 29-08-09
205 Bharat Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 30-08-09
206 Sukhdeo Mahato, Bhramarmara, Midnapur (W), 31-08-09
207 Debi Prasad Hansda, Balarampur, Purulia, 31-08-09
208 Abu Ali Mondal, Baruipur, 24, Parganas (S), 03-09-09
209 Hashem Mondal, Baruipur, 24, Parganas (S), 03-09-09
210 Mirazul Seikh, Beldanga, Murshidabad, 04-09-09
211 Azmat Seikh, Beldanga, Murshidabad, 04-09-09
212 Ketabul Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 04-09-09
213 Apu Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
214 Rajib Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
215 Satish Singh Sardar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
216 Sasanka Sekhar Roy, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
217 Shyam Chalak, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 07-09-09
218 Ramdas Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
219 Baneswar Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
220 Abhiram Das, Nanur, Birbhum, 08-09-09
221 Krishna Kundu, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-09-09
222 Bakul Seikh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 11-09-09
223 Ramen Ghosh, Lalgola, Murshidabad, 12-09-09
224 Seikh Nazrul, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
225 Kartik Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
226 Sambhu Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
227 Ajoy Patra, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 16-09-09
228 Dilip Dhara, Jadavpur, Kolkata, 17-09-09
229 Zikaria Seikh, Baryan, Murshidabad, 20-09-09
230 Manik Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
231 Budheswar Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
232 Bagan Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
233 Nimai Bisui, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
234 Samir Singha Mahapatra, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
235 Rafique Molla, Patharpratima, 24, Parganas (S), 25-09-09
236 Susanta Dhara, Ausgram, Burdwan, 27-09-09
237 Radhanath Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
238 Anadi Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
239 Bhakti Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
240 Barun Pratihar, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 01-10-09
241 Amalendu Patra, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 02-10-09
242 Panchanan Tudu, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 02-10-09
243 Lakhman Sarkar, Ausgram, Burdwan, 05-10-09
244 Sasadhar Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 08-10-09
245 Seikh Hashibul, Khanakul, Hooghly, 09-10-09
246 Kanai Murmu, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 13-10-09
247 Mantu Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-10-09
248 Ratan Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-10-09
249 Shital Hembram, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 19-10-09
250 Dibakar Bhattacharjee, Sankrail, W. Midnapur, 20-10-09
251 Swapan Roy, Sankrail, W. Midnapur, 20-10-09
252 Basanta Pakhira, Khanakul, Hooghly, 24-10-09
253 Pratap Nayek, Binpur, W. Medinipur, 26-10-09
254 Jayfal Mondal, Suti, Murshidabad, 27-10-09
255 Dhajen Mondal, Murshidabad, 27-10-09
256 Tapan Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 29-10-09
257 Dilip Mahato, Belpahari, W Midnapur, 29-10-09
258 Tushar Ghosh, Bongaon, N. 24 Parganas, 31-10-09
259 Madhab Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 31-10-09
260 Anil Mahato, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 01-11-09
261 Saifunissa Bibi, Khanakul, Hooghly, 04-11-09
262 Joyram Hansda, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
263 Manoranjan Mahali, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
264 Lakshmi Das, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
265 Naba Kumar Singh, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
266 Naresh Thapa, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
267 Binod Tamang, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
268 Bhaktabahadur Limbu, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 8-11-09
269 Dhanbahadur Viswakarma, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 8-11-09
270 Ishaq Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 11-11-2009
271 Sashticharan Dutta, Belpahari, W. Midnapore, 15-11-2009
272 Ajit Mahato, Jhargram, W. Midnapore, 16-11-2009
273 Khudiram Mudi, W. Midnapore, 16-11-2009
274 Totan Das, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 18-11-2009
275 Samiran Das, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 18-11-2009
276 Jaganath Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 19-11-2009
277 Bhanguram Hansda, Kotwali, W. Midnapore, 19-11-2009
278 Tapan Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 23-11-2009
279 Ashok Kotal, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 23-11-2009
280 Madan Ghosh, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 24-11-2009
281 Subimal Mali, Arsha, Purulia, 26-11-2009
282 Srikanta Banerjee, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
283 Alok Mondal, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
284 Karuna Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
285 Braja Bikash Mahato, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
286 Bomkesh Giri, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
287 Rassel Seikh, Kaliachak, Maldah, 28-11-2009
288 Dhanapati Murmu, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 28-11-2009
289 Manowara Bibi, Bishnpur, 24, Parganas (S), 02-12-09
290 Animesh Mitra, Bongaon, 24, Parganas (N), 02-12-09
291 Nimai Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 03-12-09
292 Koni Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 03-12-09
293 Ramchandra Lay, Arsha, Purulia, 04-12-09
294 Bholanath Khutia, Moyna, East Midnapur, 05-12-09
295 Gurupada Mondal, Moyna, East Midnapur, 05-12-09
296 Sanatan Pratihar, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 06-12-2009
297 Subol Mahato, Belpahari, West Midnapur, 08-12-2009
298 Asit Mondal, Bandowan, Purulia, 09-12-2009
299 Brahspati Mahato, Jhargram, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
300 Manik Mahato, Jhargram, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
301 Bijoy Mahato, Jhargram, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
302 Robi Mahato, Shalboni, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
303 Panchanan Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 11-12-09
304 Tilak Tudu, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 11-12-09
305 Dinabandhu Soren, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 12-12-09
306 Akshay Mondqal, Ramnagar, E. Midnapur, 17-12-09
307 Anil Chalak, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 17-12-09
308 Dayal Chalak, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 17-12-09
309 Amal Patra, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 17-12-09
310 Shridam Hembram, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-12-09
311 Nishikanta Bera, Midnapur Sadar, E. Midnapur, 18-12-09
312 Sisir Jana, Dharampur, W. Midnapur, 18-12-09
313 Gopal Mahato, Jhargram, W. Midnapur, 19-12-09
314 Khagen Mahato, Jhargram, W. Midnapur, 19-12-09
315 Mossaraf Khan. Canning, 24, Parganas (S), 20-12-09
316 Sadhan Mahato, Jhargram, W. Midnapur, 22-12-09
317 Jiarul Haque Molla, Bhangad, 24, Pgs (S), 22-12-09
318 Sadek Seikh, Hariharpara, Murshidabad, 23-12-09
319 Sariful Seikh, Hariharpara, Murshidabad, 23-12-09
320 Prabir Dandapat, Gopiballavpur, W. Midnapur, 23-12-0
321 Hablu Patra, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 23-12-09
322 Sadhan Mahato, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 23-12-09
323 Biswanath Murmu, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 24-12-09
324 Rameswar Murmu, Ranibandh, Bankura, 26-12-09
325 Abdul Hai, Rampurhat, Birbhum, 28-12-09
326 Kalipada Hembram, Ranibandh, Bankura, 30-12-09
327 Anand Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 31-12-09
328 Kunaram Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 31-12-09
329 Bhagbat Singh, Nayagram, W. Midnapur, 01-01-10
330 Rabindra Mondal, Ramnagar, E. Midnapur, 01-01-10
331 Anath Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 03-01-10
332 Hiteswar Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 03-01-10
333 Jhantu Patra, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 03-01-10
334 Hekim Munda, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 03-01-10
335 Bapi Bakli, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 03-01-10
336 Panchanan Mondal, Baharampur, Murshidabad, 04-01-10

Most of the Maoist victims are teachers, grocers, daily wage earners, farmers, labourers, students, rickshaw pullers, hawkers and people belonging to other weaker sections of the society.

Apart from this, 41 police personnel 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 4 government employees on duty were also killed by Maoists. Shankar Samanta and many others murdered at Nandigram and Khejuri by them are not mentioned in the above list.

Under the circumstances, I would request you to kindly look into the matter seriously and ensure that this procession of death is stopped immediately in the interest of human rights of all irrespective of political affiliation, caste, creed and religion.

Thanking you while awaiting prompt action.

Again with regards,

Yours faithfully,
Gouranga Chatterjee

Copy forwarded to most respected Noam Chomsky for information.