Saturday, November 7, 2009


The unprecedented brutality and violence of the Maoist-TMC action squad members in West Bengal particularly one women and minor girls keep on increasing dangerously with the passage of each day.

(1) In last July 2009 a poor underprivileged woman Anjali Maiti of Tikashi Gram Panchayat under Khejuri Police Station was repeatedly raped in a stretch for some days by Maoist-TMC action squad members taking advantage of the absence of her husband, who, being a CPI (M) supporter, had fled to save his life from the wrath of the killers leaving behind his wife to look after the ancestral home.

(2) On 27th September 2009 at about 9-00 p.m. 35-40 Maoist-TMC armed goons attacked Muslim dominated locality of Mollapara in CPI (M) supporter village called Baradighrui under Purshura Police Station in Hooghly district of West Bengal. During this attack, they torched most of the houses of the poor people and assaulted seriously CPI (M) farmer leader Seikh Hashibul Hussain. His waist and legs were not only broken to pieces but was also repeatedly stabbed seriously in the back with pointed spears.

He was admitted to Arambagh Hospital and after fighting with death for 11 days he expired on 9th October 2009.

After attacking Seikh Hashibul Hussein, they went to the nearby house of another CPI (M) supporter family belonging 75 year old Saifunissa. Seeing them approaching, all her sons named Sk. Mossaraf Hussain, Sk. Nazir, Sk. Mujibur Rehaman, Sk. Moyunuddin, Sk. Nayeem and other male members fled to save their lives leaving behind female members and children. The goons started to assault females. One of them snatched 1.1/2 years grandson Riyaz from the lap of his mother and tried to throw him into the nearby pond. Seeing this Saifunissa prevented him from doing so. At this the goons became furious and started to beat her with sticks and bamboos. She received serious injuries in her left leg. The brutality of the Maoist-TMC criminals did not stop here. Some of them caught one of her daughter-in-laws Siddique Begum and gangraped her repeatedly. Other female members were also molested.

Saifunissa remained lying in the house suffering for two days without any treatment as nobody dared enter her house. On 29th September 2009 she was rescued by the police and admitted to Arambagh Government Hospital.

On seeing deterioration in her health, she was referred to S.S.K.M. Hospital on 9th October 2009 in a serious condition. The attending physicians expressed the need for amputation of her left leg to save her life. But she was practically in a coma without responding to medical treatment and succumbed to her fatal serious injuries at 4-30 p.m. on 4th November 2009.

Instead of showing any sympathy for the old lady of 75, Mamata Banerjee, in order to protect the offenders, declared brazenly in a mass meeting at Arambagh in the afternoon of the same day that Saifunissa Bibi had died a natural death. She did not stop here. She incited her supporters to create such a situation so that the Central Government will be forced to impose President’s Rule in West Bengal advancing the assembly elections scheduled to be held in 2011.

Next day Saifunissa Bibi was laid in rest in the graveyard of her family by her sons and near relatives. But all of them had to leave their ancestral home immediately to pass their days in the refugee camps.

(3) At night of 22nd October 2009 in the village of Mogra in Ramchak Gram Panchayat under Moyna Police Station in East Midnapur, West Bengal the Maoist-TMC action squad members under the leadership of one Pankaj Mondal in a conciliation meeting asked a widow and mother of three children Smt. Malabika Maji to commit suicide after giving her bad name on false grounds. When the helpless lady refused to do so, she was tied to a big tree and torched after pouring kerosene on her body. However, she was rescued by the villagers and admitted to Moyna Rural Hospital where she is still fighting for her life.

The West Bengal Women’s Commission has already caused detailed investigations into the gruesome incidents and found all of them true. The Commission has condemned them in the strongest possible manner and recommended the state government to take exemplary drastic actions against the Maoist-TMC culprits.

But it is most unfortunate, shameful, shocking and regrettable that the ‘so-called’ contractors of the civil society and savior of tribals in the garb of intellectuals, foreign funded agents working in the guise of human rights activists and the politically motivated media have not yet come out with any statement or writing condemning the ghastly incidents of atrocities on helpless poor women because all these atrocities fall within the purview of revolutionary performance and activities of CPI (Maoist)-TMC Alliance and its vanguards fighting against the CPI (M).

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